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Debbie � Palm Springs, California
"It�s amazing how looking good makes you feel!"

I�ve proved it! Look good � feel good. It really is true! Dr Marcinkus held the key and now I can tell all my friends its amazing how looking good makes you feel!
Jonathon � Riverside, California
"No hesitation in recommending Dr Marcinkus to all my friends and associates!"

I take pride in my personal appearance. A little discomfort is well worth the gain. I�ve just had liposuction surgery in three areas: both "love handles" and my stomach. So thanks Dr Marcinkus for making the recovery time no longer than need be. It really wasn�t so bad. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Marcinkus to all my friends and associates!
Sandy � Sacramento, California
"My dreams came true at the Desert Plastic Surgery Center"

I�m Sandy and I�ve been dying to be a model or to appear on TV. I�m writing to thank Dr Marcinkus and everyone at Desert Plastic Surgery Center for giving me that chance. Though I�m still only 19, my birthday is coming up soon, and it�s just great to have so many dreams come true while I�m still so young.
C.P. � Carson City, Nevada
"He just couldn�t believe my age"

From the moment I first met Dr Marcinkus I knew he was going to be good, but don�t just take my word for it! I�d had my "tummy tuck", and was feeling very pleased with my tighter, more sculpted appearance. Then I was out shopping at my local store recently when the boy at the check out needed to see some ID. I gave him my driver�s license, which he studied a long time before telling me "I see they made a mistake printing your year of birth". When he went on to tell me I didn�t look a day older than 50, I hadn�t the heart to confirm that I am indeed in my 63rd year! A lady can receive no finer compliment!
Randy � San Bernardino, California
"Thank you, Dr Marcinkus, for this new me I see in the mirror each day"

They told me the results could be dramatic. And you reassured me, too, Dr M, that one of the latest new procedures called "thermage" could significantly reduce the lines and furrows on my brow and from around my eyes. And now, without the need for surgery, without the need for injections, without the need for a long recovery period, my whole face is rejuvenated and my eyes in particular look younger, brighter and altogether less tired. I like what I see and others do to � so, thank you Dr Marcinkus for this new "me" I see in the mirror every day.
Maria � Indio, California
!It�s been such a great experience; I want to share it with everyone!

From my first consultation to the final post-operative check-up, the whole experience at Desert Plastic Surgery Center has been so good that I can�t help wanting to share my story with everyone.
Lucy � Desert Springs, California
"You taught me to trust you and my fears just melted away"

I�ve been waiting for this chance to thank you Dr Marcinkus. Breast reduction was something I�d always wanted to have done � but I was just too scared to do it. But you taught me to trust you and my fears slowly faded away. The results show I was right to trust you, so thank you Dr Marcinkus; thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Douglas � Fallon, Nevada
"This very grateful husband says thank you, Dr M."

When my wife, Vicki, first came to see you our sex life was had lost its magic � it was, to put it mildly, tame! Then you told Vicki about this latest new technique for enhancing the sensitivity and responsiveness of the female "G-spot". My God, that G-Shot is everything those TV commercials make it out to be! Fantastic! Vicki looks forward to coming to bed with me once again now. And the pleasure and satisfaction she gets just increases my own arousal 10-fold! What more can I say? This very grateful husband says thank you, Dr M.
Phyllis � Henderson, Nevada
"A new coat of skin � a new lease of life"

I�d tried microdermabrasion before, but always suffered discomfort from the crystals left behind and the chemicals used to cleanse my face. But with SkinMaster there was none of that. In fact, I hardly felt the electrical energy from the SkinMaster procedure at all. Instead, I was left with an exfoliated and deeply cleansed skin that made my whole face look rejuvenated and refreshed.
Johnny P � Las Vegas, Nevada
"Hey Dr Marcinkus, want to buy some hats?"

I can joke about it now, but do you remember all those visits I made to your Desert Center when I�d insist on wearing a hat? We both know how embarrassed I was � ashamed even � about going bald? I wouldn�t go anywhere without one of my darn hats!

Then you showed me how the hair on the back and the sides of my head was growing quite thickly still. You explained the advantages of hair transplants. And then you carefully and painstakingly transplanted all those "spare" hairs from the back and the sides of my head right onto the bald spot � and there they continued to grow! Boy, what a job you did, Dr Marcinkus.

Breast Lift & Reduction
Face Lift
Brow Lift
Tummy Tuck

LifeStyle Lift
French Face Lift
Tattoo Removal
Hair Restoration
Laser Skin Resurfacing
G Spot Enhancement



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