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Liposuction (abdomen)

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When you�re choosing a doctor for plastic surgery or any form of appearance enhancing procedure, you�re looking for the best. With his Desert Plastic Surgery Centers throughout the Palm Springs and Desert area, Dr Marcinkus is the best.

Dr Marcinkus is both an artist and a medical expert in all forms of appearance enhancing procedures and this extends to his skills in the widely-popular procedure of liposuction. His mastery of his profession has been gained during more than 27 years of experience and is kept right up to date with all the latest that medical technology has to offer.

So, if you�re anywhere in the Palm Springs or Desert area, contact him today for your consultation to see how liposuction can help you.

What is liposuction?
Dr Marcinkus is a master of the range of various techniques known as liposuction. Liposuction, or lipoplasty, can help re-sculpt your body shape by removing unwanted fat from specific areas of the body, where the extra weight is stubbornly resistant to traditional weight loss methods. Because of its ability to re-shape your body, it is sometimes also known as liposculpture.

Abdominal liposuction can help you achieve a flatter, more shapely, stomach by permanently removing fat in the upper and lower abdomen. This will also stimulate a tightening of the skin across the stomach, restoring a tighter and toned appearance.

You�d need to attend the Desert Plastic Surgery Center for no more than a few hours and most patients have found that they are able to drive themselves home, if need be. You�ll also find that you should also be able to resume light activities the following day or return to your desk or office job within about 48 hours.
Is liposuction for me?
Abdominal liposuction or liposculpture is suitable for just about anyone! Dr Marcinkus has performed the procedure for both men and women and patients of all ages, shapes and sizes. The results can also be very dramatic, since the procedure involves the removal of either very small amounts or very large amounts of fat � both of which will really affect the way your clothes fit or the way you look in a bathing suit.

Abdominal liposuction addresses the unwelcome signs of aging that affect most of us � a bulging stomach and the accumulation of fat. In men, this might take the form of a large belly and �love handles�, while for many women � especially those who�ve had children � it can be a bulging lower abdomen and flabby tummy.
So what can abdominal liposuction do for me?
The general benefits are a flatter tummy, with fewer upper and lower tummy bulges. You�ll notice that a tightening of the skin and tissue of your stomach reduces that unsightly �wobbliness� you�ve felt. With a smaller, tighter tummy, you�ll find that your clothes fit better and more attractively across your re-contoured stomach area.

Abdominal liposuction gives a permanent result and, unlike a tummy tuck, leaves no scarring and needs no stitches.
Tell me about the liposuction procedure itself
Most patients are surprised to find that they remain awake and fully conscious, listening to music or chatting to Dr Marcinkus throughout the entire procedure! There�s no need for intravenous sedation and patients generally walk in and out again after only two hours or so at the Desert Plastic Surgery Center.

And the best thing is that the whole procedure is practically pain-free! Just a numbing of the skin to make four tiny needle injections. A small canula is then inserted and the unwanted area of fat treated with a numbing saline-based solution. With the fat then numbed, it can be drawn out through the canula.
And after my liposuction procedure?
Since there�s no surgery, stitches or scarring (unlike a �tummy tuck�, for instance), you�re unlikely to feel anything more than a little discomfort and will probably wear a light compression bandage around your tummy for a week or so. Most patients are able to drive themselves home and return to work in a day or so. Any soreness subsides quickly and has entirely disappeared in a matter of weeks.
When can I expect to enjoy the results of my liposuction?
Dr Marcinkus encourages you to be a little patient! Although you�ll notice an initial improvement in the treated area, there�s also a strong possibility that your body will react (entirely naturally) by swelling in response to the treatment. Although the swelling is part of the body�s natural healing process, some patients may find it quite frustrating to have to wait for up to three to six months. Once this natural swelling has subsided, however, the benefits of liposuction remain permanent.

*Remember that results will vary from patient to patient and that only a qualified practitioner such as Dr Marcinkus can advise on the suitability of liposuction for you. Contact him today for an appointment!

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