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Dr Marcinkus knows only too well the importance of a woman�s breasts to her appearance, self-confidence and self-esteem. Using his expert knowledge and training and the very latest in medical techniques, he will strive for excellence in the reshaping or enhancement of your breasts, using methods that leave either no or minimal scarring.

Breast augmentation

This popular procedure has helped literally thousands of women around the world to improve the overall appearance of their breasts. A variety of different techniques may be performed, all of which have been thoroughly mastered by Dr Marcinkus. Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, the procedure helps increase the volume, firmness and fullness of the breasts to improve overall appearance. Breast augmentation has benefited breast cancer patients and women with beasts disfigured by genetic disorders or by trauma. Dr. Marcinkus has many years experience in the practice of breast augmentation and if you require more information about your suitability for augmentation mammoplasty click here so that we can contact you to discuss your particular needs and arrange a personal consultation.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction may be sought by women with very large breasts that may be the source of neck and back pain as well as skin irritation. Breast reduction can address these problems and restore self-confidence in appearance by removing excess fat and skin from the breasts to make them more firm and regular.

Breast Contouring

Breast contouring sculpts the breasts to improve and enhance their overall shape. This could also involve a breast reduction to remove excess fat. As with all his procedures, Dr Marcinkus is keenly aware of the need for minimal scarring and for ensuring that any necessary scarring fades rapidly in a short time.

Breast Reconstruction

When one or both breasts have been removed following illness, injury or cancer treatment, the effects are naturally emotionally traumatic. Breast reconstruction aims at rebuilding the shape and size of the breast to look like a normal breast. Tissue may be taken from the back, the abdomen or other parts to re-create the breast mound. The results are very effective and although some scars may remain Dr Marcinkus’ techniques strive for minimal scarring.

Breast lifts

Mastopexy is commonly referred to as a breast lift. With the passage of time or after pregnancy and breast-feeding, breasts tend to loose their firmness and sag. Dr Marcinkus will employ minimal scar surgery to ensure that the result is as discrete and as natural as possible. A breast lift can enhance the shape of the breast and reduce the size of the areola. Surgery may be combined with breast implants to improve the fullness and shape of the breasts.

Breast Rejuvenation

When the size and shape of the breasts is a source of dissatisfaction, breast rejuvenation can be an effective remedy. Breast size can be reduced or augmented as the case may be. Breasts can also be contoured to enhance their appearance. Uneven breasts can be made to look symmetrical and similar.

Nipple Augmentation

Nipple augmentation is normally carried out after a breast lift, breast reconstruction or breast augmentation. It is suitable for both men and women who want to increase the size of the nipple so that it is proportionate to the breast as a whole. This safe surgical procedure can also re-shape the nipple if so desired.

Nipple Reduction

Large nipples can be a source of embarrassment to both men and women. Nipple reduction accurately reduces the size of the nipple so it is proportionate with the breast. Nipple reduction is normally carried out in combination with other breast rejuvenation procedures. Sensation in the nipple is retained and scars are minimal.

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